As the school year approaches, our BT chapters are hard at work. Chapter leaders are making arrangements for call-out meetings, fundraisers, and other activities on campus. They’re also preparing for the BT national conference in September, where they can share ideas and brainstorm with students who share the same passion for education equality. And new chapters are just getting started, by students who believe in the possibility of Universal Primary Education.

Today we’d like to welcome Hope College, Johns Hopkins University, Vanderbilt University, and Hampton University to the list of chapters who are Building Tomorrow. To them we say tubasanyukidde, welcome.

Building Tomorrow’s mission would be impossible without our student supporters. Our organization is rooted in their dedication and continues to grow as a result of their hard work. We believe in young people helping young people, and understanding that the country in which we are born should not determine our chances to make our dreams realities. To increase access to education, BTers across the nation have raised money by symbolically biking the distance between their campuses and their peers in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. They have fundraised, spread the word about our cause, and even foregone luxuries in their own classrooms to better understand the obstacles faced by students in Uganda. All of their efforts support the construction of primary schools for students not so different from themselves, halfway around the world.

Antonio Mielak, who is founding the chapter at Hampton University in Virginia, explained to us that he joined because he believes that education is the key to a more peaceful future. He told us, “education is a power that cannot be paralleled and arming these children with the weapon of tomorrow, a stronger education, we might see a time when the weapons of today are a thing of the past.”
Our chapter members are extraordinary humanitarians. They are brilliant and passionate young minds who wish to spread the education, that they’ve been so fortunate to receive, to others. They are students who embrace philanthropy and who won’t stop until every child who wants to learn has a school to go to. We’re proud to welcome them as BTers.

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