Corn, Corn, and More Corn.


Last Friday, BT was given a pretty great opportunity to work the corn booth at the Indiana State Fair to benefit our cause. A team of brave volunteers suited up in Building Tomorrow t-shirts, aprons, and gloves to tackle the daunting task. From 9 in the morning until 11 at night, they soaked, shucked, grilled, and served hot buttered corn on the cob to a crowd of an estimated 60,000 people. The opportunity came to BT through the Indianapolis Jaycees, who annually run the booth to benefit fellow Indiana non-profits. For our participation, BT earned a $1,000 stipend towards the cause of Universal Primary Education.

Not every BTer can hop on a plane and lay bricks in Uganda, but this event proves that there are many ways to support BT no matter where you are. And while it might be a bit of a stretch, we thought volunteering at a corn booth was perfect seeing as corn is the main source of food (and, for some, income) for our students and community partners in Uganda. With the majority of work for our projects taking place overseas, volunteer opportunities can seem few and far between. But stay tuned on Twitter (@Bldgtomorrow) and Facebook to learn more on how you can get involved in BT in your community. Sometimes it’s a hard day’s work, but each one of us who woke up the next day sore and tired will tell you that it was well worth it.

corn booth

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