We often explain the work of BT using words to describe the schools we build, the US students who work hard to raise money and spread awareness, and our partner communities of dedicated adults and children in Uganda. But we find that pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Therefore, we’re letting the smiles and images we’ve captured tell their own story, much more eloquently than we ever could. We’ve been posting these pictures everyday on Twitter around 5 PM, hashtagged as #PhotoOfTheDay. So be sure to follow us (@BldgTomorrow) for your daily dose of subtle inspiration.

Here’s one of our recent #Photo(s)OfTheDay & a link to our Flickr album:

Parents meeting @ LutisiParents of students at the Building Tomorrow Academy of Lutisi in the Wakiso District of Uganda met at the Academy a few weeks ago to begin discussing what kinds of income generating activities could be launched to help fund ongoing costs associated with the Academy.

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