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Our college chapters & young supporters are back in action with big plans for the upcoming semester. Kicking things off by making a big splash at activities fairs across the country, as one chapter president recently put it, “BT is BACK!”

Here’s a look at some of what’s to come over the next few months:

BT at the University of Virginia is gearing up for a volleyball tournament in a few weeks. With Bike to Uganda now being an annual event on Grounds, the chapter thought they’d try their hand at a few other athletic activities.

BT at Davidson (NC) is looking forward to a Vaudeville Extravaganza next weekend. Complete with jugglers, magicians and yo-yo experts, we feel confident saying there’s nothing quite like it. The chapter is set to receive proceeds from the night’s festivities.

BT at the University of Texas-Austin is hosting our very own George Srour this week. They’ve scheduled a few days worth of Q&A sessions, discussions and presentations about Social Entrepreneurship and BT’s work in the US and Uganda. Their expected attendance at the first event? 200!

BT at DePauw (IN) just wrapped up a successful recruitment event and had 133 newcomers sign up to help! Their goal for the year? Raise $15,000 and finish fundraising for DePauw’s 1st BT academy!

BT at Hampton University (VA) has been staying busy all summer working to formally establish BT as a recognized student organization on-campus. They’ve got lots of events in mind for the year and are eager to get things rolling!

BT at Johns Hopkins (MD) has filed all their paperwork and eagerly awaits word on if they’ve received official “student organization status.” They’ve already had a “very successful” informal meeting, have started fundraising via One Day’s Wages (so that every dollar they raise this semester will be matched) and are looking forward to making a name for themselves on-campus.

BT in Washington, DC (our newest Council of young professionals) is planning a Trivia Night at Solly’s Tavern tonight and, well, who doesn’t love Trivia?

BT at Hope College (MI) has already gotten local businesses to sell bricks for BT throughout the semester. And despite their being new on campus, they’ve already recruited 379 supporters on Facebook. Their big event for the semester? A BT Rave!

BT at Indiana University is already planning big for Bike to Uganda. They’re taking a new approach this year and BT HQ is offering a unique internship: BT at IU Event Chair! Interested? Check out the details.

BT at UNC-Chapel Hill is well underway in their planning for the 2nd annual UNC Bike to Uganda! If you happen to be in the Research Triangle Area in October, you won’t want to miss this.

BT at NC State is focusing on recruitment this semester and working hard to expand their OneBrick fundraiser on campus. We’re excited to see what’s in store this year as the enthusiasm of founders Michael & Sean is hard to match!

BT at Middlebury College (VT) has a new fundraiser in the works, too but stay tuned on our blog for the juicy details!

…and that’s not the half of what they’re up to! Stay tuned throughout the year to follow their progress and if you’d like to bring BT to your campus, check out our Get Involved page and contact Maggie to get started!

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