Jonah & Sande


Meet Jonah (13) & Sande (14 – pronounced like “Sunday”); two students at the Building Tomorrow Academy of Buwasa, supported by Global Playground.

Sande is very shy. He is currently in P5 and has only been at Buwasa for a year since he moved in with his grandmother and aunt. Sande has five siblings but he told us they all stay in Mukono, a district about a two hour drive from Buwasa. Sande wants to be teacher when he grows up and, although we’ve been told that teachers in Uganda are qualified to teach any subject, Sande was quick to tell us he wanted to teach social studies. And once he has a few years of teaching under his belt, he hopes to be a head teacher at a primary school of his own.

Jonah, currently in P6, is very well spoken. His full name is Jonathan but he told us everyone calls him Jonah. He stays with his grandmother in Buwasa and his favorite food is eggs. Jonah described to us what his daily schedule is (for Mondays, at least) and asked how it might compare with students in the US. (If you are a teacher or student, leave a comment & let us know!)

Wake up at 6am – greet parents, bathe
7am – run to school!
7:20am – classes begin (Science, English)
10:30am – break
11am – Math, Social Studies
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Science (again)
3:20pm – Co-curricular activities
4:20pm – English (again)
5:30pm – done for the day!

Jonah & Sande

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