You’ve met George…now meet his sister.


A while back we introduced you to George, a then 16 year-old who had made quite a name for himself in the village of Kiyamba, Uganda. Since talk of a new school began in his community in the spring of 2008, George spent every afternoon (including Saturdays) at the site of the future school. George cleared land, dug trenches, laid bricks and even attended every community meeting to discuss the school’s progress. When asked why, George simply said, “for my sisters.”

Fast-forward three years and meet one of George’s sisters, Ruth.

Ruth Nanyaja

Ruth is currently in P4 (4th grade) at the Building Tomorrow Academy of Kiyamba, supported by Butler University. Speaking just above a whisper, Ruth told us how her brother helped to build her school and how, thanks to him, she is able to go to school for the very first time. She loves science and social studies and, when asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, Ruth replied, “I want to be a sister [nun].” Ruth also told us how she loves to dance the traditional Buganda dance, known as Maganda. According to one of her teacher’s, Sarah Namirembe, she’s quite good!

Ruth has two younger sisters; Gladys and Grace. Gladys is in P2 at Kiyamba as well and Grace, currently in nursery (roughly the equivalent of kindergarten), will be soon, too…all thanks to their older brother, George.

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