Boreholes & Mango Trees


7 November 2011—Determined to have a borehole operational before the start of construction on a new Building Tomorrow academy, the village of Lukindu in the Lwengo District of Uganda took the first steps today in turning their ‘dream into reality.’

As a two-man crew worked with only the aid of a pick axe to dig the borehole, community members and future students planted a mango tree to commemorate the official start of construction of the Building Tomorrow Academy of Lukindu supported by the Segal Family Foundation. The academy will begin to take shape as early as this week on a ten acre plot donated to Building Tomorrow.

“We have dreamt of this for a very long time now,” District Minister of Education Saitoti Matovu said. “Many wish for a day like this to come but only few come to know it. It has reached us and we shall embrace it.”

In a brief ceremony attended by local government leaders and district officials, the community, divided into seven committees each coming from a particular village, committed themselves to working alongside Building Tomorrow staff in beginning work on the organization’s 11th site in Uganda. The future academy will open in 2012 with the aim of reaching its full capacity of 325 children in seven primary-level grades by 2015.

“We know you are serious, and we are too,” Building Tomorrow Country Director Joseph Kaliisa said. “Let’s be serious together and ensure our work here is a big success.”

Lwengo District, newly-formed In the beginning of 2011 is located in the Western region of Uganda, approximately 200km from the capital, Kampala. Students in the area have had to traverse a river with the aid of parents in order to attend the nearest public school, approximately 7km away. In rainy seasons, most end up staying home.

As the ceremony came to a close, Matovu added, “let us not only aim to educate the children of Lukindu, let us embark on grooming the future leaders of Uganda.”

digging a borehole

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