Small Towns, Big Hearts


A small high school in a small town in Washington State has teamed up with One Day’s Wages in an effort to fund the construction of a new school in Uganda. They’re posing a question to their entire community, “How far would you walk for an education?” Take a look.

Why We’re Doing This:

Medical Lake High School is considered one of the smallest schools in Spokane, Washington. With a school population of around 540 and a total population of our town at roughly 5,000, giving back a global level will make our small town feel acomplished.

Taking this program to our ASB, they were all thrilled to be a part of such a big thing. We want to raise the awareness of students who do not get the opportunity to go to school every day, where we get it handed to us. We are truly hoping that this gets not only the students of our school involved and excited, but those in our community too.

Our Invitation to You:

We invite those in or around our area to attend a 5k walk called “How Far Would You Walk For an Education?”

Students in Uganda go to the extreme of having to walk up to 12 miles a day just to get their education. This walk will not only raise awareness of their situation but also get the funds needed to help build a new school for students in Uganda, Africa through ODW’s partner project with Building Tomorrow. We will also be selling paper bricks for a dollar. Each brick will represent a brick that goes towards the building of a new school.

Thanks so much for your support and, on behalf of the entire Building Tomorrow team, good luck!

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