For the love of toilets.


Little gets me as excited as showing up to one of our sites and seeing a pit latrine take shape. That might sound crazy, but believe me, this is a sight to behold.

To give you an idea, volunteers start by digging a hole about three meters long by one meter wide. Using a pick axe and a small bucket, the journey begins to dig what ends up being a 150 feet deep hole. On average, our teams use about six to eight pick axes to dig this deep, and when it is through as thick a rock bed as the one currently being dug at the BT Academy of Bubeezi, supported by the Engage Network, that number will likely top 10.

So why is this such a big deal?

Not only is it a pretty incredible feat that this large a hole is dug entirely by hand, but it has huge implications for a school. In fact according to a recent World Bank study, the most important piece of infrastructure that positively influences teacher attendance is the presence of a pit latrine.

And…once work on the latrine begins, that means another Building Tomorrow academy is quite close to opening!


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