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A couple of weeks ago we got an email, completely out of the blue, from Sydni, a youth director from St. Peter’s United Methodist Church in Katy, Texas. She had literally stumbled across us on Twitter (thanks @lizbraden33!) and was excited to rally her students behind Building Tomorrow. Her 8th grade girls were given $100 to grow and invest in a social good and, according to her, the girls “loved the idea of building a school for kids their age on the other side of the world.” They’ve since taken on the challenge of building a school in Uganda and are inviting their friends and families to get involved and support their $60,000 fundraising goal via buildingtomorrow.org/stpeters.

When asked why they are Building Tomorrow, here’s what they had to say:

Students in Uganda are less fortunate than I am. They would love to go to school but instead they have to work. Education would be great and I want everyone to have the same opportunity as I do. If you give at least $1 you will help not one but hundreds of kids get an education. -Maysen

I am so excited to help other kids learn and explore their minds. We are given so much but close our minds to new ideas, but when you give an education to someone who wasn’t expecting it they honor it more. You never know what they can accomplish. -Marydith

I think it’s awesome that these 8th graders are giving their time, talents, and treasure to help kids that they have never met. It’s so inspiring to watch these girls get so excited to spread God’s love. -Laura

I love helping kids and inspiring their initiative to learn. My friends and family are very blessed and I feel like I need to give back. -Ashley

I want to raise money to help the kids in Uganda because I am so blessed in my own life. I feel like they should have an education so one way I can help that is to raise money for them to be able to build a school. -Becky

How cool would it be if our Junior High students in Katy, Texas were able to fund an entire school in Uganda? Thank you so much for your support! -Sydni,Youth Director at St. Peter’s UMC

A quick note – while Building Tomorrow is a secular organization, we receive support from a very diverse group of organizations and individuals.

Good luck, St. Peters!

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