Service Learning at Mercer


“I want to experience the kind of happiness that comes from helping someone and getting nothing in return,”

wrote Brianne Bower, an honors student at Mercer University in Macon, GA and one of our newest Building Tomorrow Ambassadors. Brianne first learned about our work from her Global Health Professor and is founding a BT chapter at Mercer as part of a class project. In her application for our program, she wrote that she hopes her chapter will grow so that every student and professor at Mercer is aware of the need to provide students with access to education. Brianne also wrote that her mission is two-fold: to raise enough money to build a school and to reverse the lack of empathy she feels students her age have for issues beyond our borders.

Here’s a short excerpt from a journal Brianne is keeping for class (more excerpts to come this week)…

Building Tomorrow caught my eye right from the beginning because it’s name implied doing something that affected not only people today but also people in the future. That day I went on the website and explored all the possibilities with the organization and what is was all about. It’s goal is to empower youth to help their peers in sub-saharan Africa get an education.We had been going over the Millennium Development Goals and the second one on the list was achieve universal primary education. Education is important and people lose sight of that. I feel like youth in America do not appreciate education because it comes free and it is easy to get access to but what if kids had to work on their parent’s farm or had to walk 30 minutes just to get to the nearest school? Would they take education for granted then? I felt like this particular project would be the most worthwhile because even if I did not raise a single penny I could help more kids here attain a more global perspective and not take what they have for granted so much.

Brianne Bower
Class of 2015
Mercer University

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