Never Stop Learning


What are you doing this summer? In the past few months this question has been the topic of discussion for college students. Answers such as traveling abroad, taking classes on campus and working are the common activities that roll off students’ tongues. As I am approached with this question I am excited to say “I’m A BT INTERN!”

Of course, next comes the question of what my internship entails. As Building Tomorrow focuses on giving an education to the youth in Uganda, it is also important to keep supporters updated on the organization’s activities. I will be coming to you all with daily information through Twitter and Facebook and weekly blogs.

For some information about the girl behind the computer, my name is Taylor. I’m currently a student at Indiana University majoring in Journalism. I will be a senior this fall, so only one year left before I enter this thing called “the real world”. My nose in a book with ZERO bent pages and corners or my face glued to horrible reality shows are where you can find me. (Yes I know the reality shows are a waste of time, but I simply can’t resist!) It’s through reading and awesome grades in my first grade English class that have lead me to a passion for writing. And that’s how I ended up at BT. I’m here to tell you a story, I hope you enjoy!

As I embark on this journey as a BT intern this summer, I encourage you to join me for the ride. School may be over for some of us, but that doesn’t mean we should stop learning. So fellow summer interns when you are on your lunch break scrolling through your Twitter look for @BldgTomorrow and if you don’t already follow us, you should. Or if Facebook is more your thing you can find us there, too! New and exciting updates will be in your near future if you do. That way when someone asks you what you are doing this summer you can say “learning about BT!”

Always remember…

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela


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