Meet Mama Victor


While the community donates the land and 20,000 hours of labor to the construction project of any of our BT academies, we’ve continued to see community members go above and beyond with their dedication to the school.

Mama Victor is certainly one of those committed members.

Pictured here with her son, Samson, Mama Victor has 5 other children as well. Mama Victor was on the site every day I was there. And she was busy busy. Often bringing Samson with her, Mama Victor, as a member of the Building Committee, would oversee the construction and encourage the community member volunteers. She also cooked lunch for the skilled construction workers and helped with construction – moving bricks and digging up the earth for the foundation.

When we visited the temporary school, Mama Victor came along as well. It was so clear that she was beyond committed to making the Academy a reality.


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