Have a summer birthday?


So your birthday is coming up soon, you know the exact number of days until the special event arrives. Pure enjoyment pulses through your body with every big “X” you make as you mark off the days on your calendar. The only thing giving you troubles is what to ask for your birthday. There’s no burning desire for something from your loved ones…

If this is you, I’ve got an idea to put your birthday gift daydreaming to rest!

Donate your birthday!

Aileen, last year’s chapter leader at Doane College, did exactly this for her birthday just last week! She worked hard to encourage her friends and family to donate money that will go towards building a school for 325 kids in Uganda.

It’s pretty easy too! All you have to do is create a page and spread the word. Click here to learn how you too can give back on your birthday like Aileen!

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