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Ahh that magical moment when the soccer team you’re cheering for finally scores. Joy, overwhelming joy is what this moment is. Most of the time this happens so quickly it’s hard to take in everything that has created the moment.

Of course the players are given the most credit, I mean they are the ones running around doing all the work. But if you replay a great soccer goal you might realize that the announcers add to the overwhelming joy. They bring happiness to all the soccer fans’ ears. They are the voice to the game. Not only can you see the goal, but you can hear it and it’s through these announcers’ voices that joy can be brought to our ears.

Paul wants to bring soccer fans’ ears joy. The 17-year-old wants to be a football radio presenter. We’re still talking about soccer, just calling it what the rest of the world does (besides the U.S.).

He seems to know if you’re passionate about something then you should go for it. Paul says, “My favorite things are watching football and listening to the radio.” He has combined two of the things he loves and is striving to make a career out of them, sounds like he’s on the right path for success.

He was a former Building Tomorrow student at the BT Academy of Lutisi. His focus on his academics is clear, “I wish that I will achieve what I want to achieve in my academics”, said Paul. His “Thank you’s” are not only spoken, but are seen by his dedication to his studies.

You know when someone tells you they want to do something and you can just feel that they are gonna do it? Paul is this person. Hopefully his voice will be bringing your ears the joy they seek from a sports announcer, just as our eyes seek to see that football in the back of the net.


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