What’s on your wishlist?


A chalkboard, maybe?
Or how about a new school in Uganda?

Jackie, Annika, Abby and countless others have asked for just that.

Jackie has already surpassed her goal, raising $227 simply asking her friends and family for construction materials in lieu of more traditional gifts.

Annika has raised $750 with her updated wishlist: “Through building schools, we are able to build communities and a foundation of knowledge, and I love raising money for such a good cause!”

And here’s a note to Abby‘s family and friends who have already helped her raised $352:

Dear Family and Friends,

Building Tomorrow is an organization that I have been involved in since my first year at UVa. This year, I have decided to turn my focus towards finishing fundraising UVa’s second school in Uganda before I finish my last full year. Why? Because not only have I worked hard with this organization, but one of my best friends and room mates has worked hard to design the school in her architecture studio. Together, I am excited to accomplish something big for our final year of college. Please donate whatever you can. I ask that instead of using money to buy gifts for me this holiday season, please donate towards a school that I have been excited about for the past three years. I have started small in requesting donations, only in hopes that we can accomplish this goal and keep growing.

Thank you so much in advance,

The great news is that there’s still plenty of time for you to update your wishlist, too. And, it’s never been easier. Simply visit iam.buildingtomorrow.org, complete the form (don’t forget to add a holiday theme), and share your new wishlist with your friends and family. Every dollar you raise will support the construction of a new primary school in Uganda.

How cool is that?

Thanks everyone & happy holidays!
-the BT team

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