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Starting last year, Building Tomorrow teamed up with STiR Education – an organization working to develop teachers as changemakers by networking them with their peers, identifying creative teaching techniques already in-practice (what STiR refers to as “micro-innovations”), and supporting the scaling of the most successful programs and ideas.

During STiR’s first Teacher-Changemaker summit in Uganda earlier this year, a select group of Building Tomorrow teachers shared some of the programs and strategies they’ve been using to improve the quality of their schools. Three of their programs made STiR’s shortlist of top 50 micro-innovations, including this one from Matsiko Enoth at the BT Primary School of Kabasegwa:

Class level Primary 5, 6 & 7

Problem statement
Matsiko realized that most of his students struggled to express themselves in English. He realized that this was because neither the students nor their parents realized the importance of expressing themselves in English regularly in order to improve.

Micro-innovation description
To encourage regular use of English, Matsiko has introduced debates, discussions and assemblies in English on Tuesdays and Fridays every week to help children develop the habit of using English. Students are asked to pick the topics for debate, relating to areas of their work they feel they need support in. All the teachers follow the same timetable and really encourage students to speak only in English on those days.

Impact so far
According to Matsiko, he has seen a significant increase in the use of English in the school and also in the wider community. Parents are very proud and happy that their children are speaking in English and are now more diligent about sending their children to school regularly because they are really seeing the benefit of it.

STiR Teacher-Changemaker Summit 2014, photo courtesy of STiR Uganda

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