What We Do

Building Tomorrow improves access to child-friendly, community-supported schools via our two main initiatives: Primary School Construction and our Thriving Schools Program. Our focus is to ensure our impact outlives our programs by engaging local communities and building their capacity to provide an inclusive, transformative education for their children. All programs currently benefit underserved areas of Uganda.

Thriving Schools Program

We don’t just build schools, we develop Thriving Schools. We deploy Building Tomorrow Fellows responsible for transforming underserved schools into thriving ones that are supported by the community, effectively managed by school leadership, accessible by all children, and committed to producing positive student outcomes through our Roots to Rise initiative.

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Primary School Construction

For too many children in Uganda, learning often takes place in makeshift structures or buildings that are in disrepair. For others, the nearest school is several hours away, or is simply non-existent. We believe education is a right, not a privilege and we’re working to ensure no child misses out on the chance to access a transformative education due to lack of school infrastructure. Building Tomorrow has worked with the Ugandan government and local communities to build and open 75 primary schools, along with 5 more under construction, as of April 2019.

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Our Impact

As of April 2019


students served each and every day


out-of-school children re-enrolled via Fellows or new school construction


out-of-school children with intellectual disabilities re-enrolled


Building Tomorrow Primary Schools


Fellows currently deployed (150 since 2015)


schools currently supported by Fellows (600 since 2015)


Community Education Volunteers currently engaged

Latest Stories from the Field

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Before the Bricks

May 3, 2019

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Partner With Us

The belief that we achieve more together than we could alone is at the heart of our work. From our beginnings as a network of chapters at U.S. universities to our current 5 year, $12 million Educate 51K initiative with Educate A Child, we have a history of partnering to grow our impact. If our efforts align with your focus areas, let’s build together.

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