Meet Ronald


As the summer has officially begun, many people use this season to take a little time to travel. College students are in London studying and exploring the unknowns of Europe, families pack their mini-vans and head to the white beaches of Florida and others frequent their nearby lake cottages on the weekends. It’s discovering places such as these that intrigues Ronald.

The 15-year-old boy can’t seem to explain his strong desires of traveling enough. Indiana, New York, Virginia, San Antonio, Texas and San Francisco, California all fall on the list of places Ronald wants to visit. His eyes light up when he says what he wants to do in the future, “After my studies, I would like to come there and enjoy.”

While he aspires to set off on a worldly adventure when he has finished his schooling, Ronald doesn’t forget about home. Lutisi clearly holds a spot close to his heart, “When I get a job I would like to develop my area, in Lutisi.”

The BT Academy of Lutisi is where Ronald joined the BT family. He is now a Senior 2 student at St. John’s Secondary School. The hopeful explorer dabbles in activities such as drawing and basketball as many other teens do. But it’s the dream of seeing other countries that is always on this boy’s brain.

Safe travels to those in route for their vacation destinations and best of wishes to those who, like Ronald, dream of exploring the world!


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