Out-of-School Siblings



Through meetings with leaders of the Makukulu community in Uganda, BT Fellow John Kimbugwe discovered siblings Steven, Sylvia, and Margaret (pictured above) had been out-of-school for more than a year. Upon meeting with the siblings’ father, John learned that both parents were too sick to work and could not afford their children’s education. John asked the father what he though about his children being out of school, and he replied:

“Building Tomorrow (as people in the community address John), I would have no problem with leaving this planet, but whenever I think of where to leave my children who are illiterate, I cry. I will educate them, even if I die.”

After hearing the father’s determination to give his children an education, John worked with local community leaders to link the father and his family with a nearby health center for treatment. Now the parents are able to farm, and are supporting their children in school.

When asked how she’s putting her education to work, Margaret responded:
“I help my parents to sign on their medical forms because [they] can neither read nor write, yet I can.”

There are 1.2 million out-of-school children like Steven, Sylvia, and Margaret in Uganda. During this back-to-school season, we hope you will join us in bringing them back to school. Visit our Back-to-School page to participate and read more stories like theirs.

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