Phiona Continues Her Journey



The walk to Phiona’s old school was so far she used to make most of it in the dark. And even though she left early in the morning before the sun was up, Phiona would often arrive late to class and miss lessons. When the Building Tomorrow Primary School of Kisaluwoko was built in her community, Phiona’s walk to school became much shorter and easier, enabling her to fully attend her classes and receive more consistent schooling. You can see the full beginning of Phiona’s Journey here, in our “Making Impossible Things Possible” video series.

Now at 15 years old, Phiona is progressing through her P6 class and dreams of becoming a lawyer. Building Tomorrow Fellow John Kimbugwe, who has developed a mentor relationship with Phiona during his placement at the Primary School of Kisaluwoko, wholeheartedly believes she will achieve her goal.

According to John, “If we continue supporting, encouraging, and inspiring her, she will stand at a 110% chance of reaching her dream to become a lawyer.”

Not only is Phiona building her own tomorrow, but she is also working with other students to build theirs. As the head of Kisaluwoko’s Child Protection Club, she runs a campaign to teach children in various schools about their societal role and how they can fight for their rights. She travels with teachers to other schools to conduct the child protection sessions as a way of promoting peer learning in schools. At first Phiona travelled a great distance to educate herself, but with the help of Building Tomorrow, she now travels to educate others.

There are 1.2 million out-of-school children in Uganda like Phiona used to be. During this back-to-school season, we hope you will join us in bringing them back to school. Visit our Back-to-School page to participate and read more stories like Phiona’s.

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