The Gift that Keeps on Giving


Nabigoye Primary School garden

Thanks to Building Tomorrow Fellow John Kimbugwe, the students of Nabigoye Primary School now have a school garden! John worked with Nabigoye teachers to create a demonstration garden, where students can learn valuable agricultural skills by planting their own crops. The food from this garden is used to supplement school lunches, providing students with a healthy midday meal. Previously, many of the students at Nabigoye went hungry for the whole school day because their parents could not afford lunch, but now that all students are eating a midday meal, teachers report increased attendance, more active class participation, and better performance among students!

John tells us, “Today the whole district uses [the] school as a live example to address the hunger issue.”

For just $75, you can help a school plant a garden that will provide nutritious school lunches while also teaching agricultural skills. By supporting school gardens through the Building Tomorrow Fellowship Program, you will be giving the gift of education for children in rural Uganda – what we consider to be the Best Gift. Ever.

Donate the Best Gift. Ever.

Check out our Gift Catalog at and see all the items on our wish list this year. This holiday season, we hope you will join Building Tomorrow in providing students in rural Uganda with the Best Gift. Ever.

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