O Come All Ye Literate, Joyful and Triumphant!


Jonas is excited to pass his new gift of reading on to his little sister!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and over at Building Tomorrow Primary School of Kamukanga, 10-year-old Jonas just received The Best Gift. Ever.—the gift of literacy!

Thanks to our reading camp at his school, Jonas has transformed from a student who once struggled to put words together to one who is able to read and comprehend full stories—in just 25 days!

It’s the first time Jonas has ever been able to read a story in his life. But that’s not the only first that the camp just heralded in. Jonas has also just become the first person ever in his family to be able to read in the language of Luganda.

A Rwandan by birth who migrated with his family to Uganda looking for a better life, the fact that Jonas can now read and understand texts in the dominant local language where he lives means a lot not just to him, but to his entire family as well. It’s the difference between settling and making a home.

“My parents were so happy and proud,” says Jonas, recalling his mom and dad’s reactions when they found out he could read. “They even thanked me and asked me to continue studying.”

Jonas loves to read, and says that class is a lot more fun now that he can. His newfound ability allows him to read stories about his favorite animals like lions and elephants—the protectors and leaders of the wild. A big brother, Jonas also sees himself as a kind of protector and leader, and is excited to teach his little sister Soraje how to read, too. Soraje, who just started class for the first time when the school opened up in February, is only 5 years old, but can always be found on her brother’s heels so he wants to set a good example.

Jonas is one of 494 kids reached through our Teaching at the Right Level reading camps this year. With your support this holiday season, we will hold reading camps at 400 schools across Uganda in 2019, giving The Best Gift. Ever. to over 400,000 students. Will you become a part of our story this holiday season?

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