Raise Your Voice!


Albert Kamukanga

Because we’re playing our part, 10-year-old Albert can now play his!

A participant of our Teaching at the Right Level reading camp at his school, Albert just went from being unable to read stories to performing them—all in a matter of weeks.

He was able to do this with the guidance of our community education volunteers, who spent just one hour per day with him doing interactive, tailored language activities and games.

Now Albert has the skills and confidence to read dialogues and plays out loud in his third grade classroom where he used to hide behind the scenes with other students left behind in literacy.

“It’s fun to read out loud and act out the stories with my classmates. Class is better.” says Albert with a smile. His good performance in our camp means he can finally give a good performance to his friends.

We want to help more kids like Albert take center-stage in mastering reading next year. Will you play your part and give the Best Gift Ever today to open up the world of reading for students in Uganda?

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